Published by the Foundation for Open Access Statistics Editors-in-chief: Bettina Grün, Torsten Hothorn, Rebecca Killick, Edzer Pebesma, Achim Zeileis    ISSN 1548-7660; CODEN JSSOBK

Vol 63 (2015)

Special Volume: Software for Spatial Statistics (Editors: Edzer Pebesma, Roger Bivand, Paulo Justiano Ribeiro)

Table of Contents


Software for Spatial Statistics PDF
Edzer Pebesma, Roger Bivand, Paulo Justiniano Ribeiro
micromap: A Package for Linked Micromaps PDF
Quinn C. Payton, Michael G. McManus, Marc H. Weber, Anthony R. Olsen, Thomas M. Kincaid
micromapST: Exploring and Communicating Geospatial Patterns in US State Data PDF
Linda Williams Pickle, James B. Pearson, Daniel B. Carr
RgoogleMaps and loa: Unleashing R Graphics Power on Map Tiles PDF
Markus Loecher, Karl Ropkins
plotKML: Scientific Visualization of Spatio-Temporal Data PDF
Tomislav Hengl, Pierre Roudier, Dylan Beaudette, Edzer Pebesma
ads Package for R: A Fast Unbiased Implementation of the K-function Family for Studying Spatial Point Patterns in Irregular-Shaped Sampling Windows PDF
Raphaël Pélissier, François Goreaud
Bayesian Inference and Data Augmentation Schemes for Spatial, Spatiotemporal and Multivariate Log-Gaussian Cox Processes in R PDF
Benjamin M. Taylor, Tilman M. Davies, Barry S. Rowlingson, Peter J. Diggle
Analysis, Simulation and Prediction of Multivariate Random Fields with Package RandomFields PDF
Martin Schlather, Alexander Malinowski, Peter J. Menck, Marco Oesting, Kirstin Strokorb
Analysis of Random Fields Using CompRandFld PDF
Simone A. Padoan, Moreno Bevilacqua
Parallelizing Gaussian Process Calculations in R PDF
Christopher J. Paciorek, Benjamin Lipshitz, Wei Zhuo, . Prabhat, Cari G. G. Kaufman, Rollin C. Thomas
geoCount: An R Package for the Analysis of Geostatistical Count Data PDF
Liang Jing, Victor De Oliveira
Model-Based Geostatistics the Easy Way PDF
Patrick E. Brown
spBayes for Large Univariate and Multivariate Point-Referenced Spatio-Temporal Data Models PDF
Andrew O. Finley, Sudipto Banerjee, Alan E. Gelfand
spate: An R Package for Spatio-Temporal Modeling with a Stochastic Advection-Diffusion Process PDF
Fabio Sigrist, Hans R. Künsch, Werner A. Stahel
spTimer: Spatio-Temporal Bayesian Modeling Using R PDF
Khandoker Shuvo Bakar, Sujit K. Sahu
SPODT: An R Package to Perform Spatial Partitioning PDF
Jean Gaudart, Nathalie Graffeo, Drissa Coulibaly, Guillaume Barbet, Stanilas Rebaudet, Nadine Dessay, Ogobara K. Doumbo, Roch Giorgi
GWmodel: An R Package for Exploring Spatial Heterogeneity Using Geographically Weighted Models PDF
Isabella Gollini, Binbin Lu, Martin Charlton, Christopher Brunsdon, Paul Harris
Comparing Implementations of Estimation Methods for Spatial Econometrics PDF
Roger Bivand, Gianfranco Piras
Bayesian Spatial Modelling with R-INLA PDF
Finn Lindgren, Håvard Rue
Spatial Data Analysis with R-INLA with Some Extensions PDF
Roger Bivand, Virgilio Gómez-Rubio, Håvard Rue
Structured Additive Regression Models: An R Interface to BayesX PDF
Nikolaus Umlauf, Daniel Adler, Thomas Kneib, Stefan Lang, Achim Zeileis

Code Snippets

Pitfalls in the Implementation of Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling of Areal Count Data: An Illustration Using BYM and Leroux Models PDF
Florian Gerber, Reinhard Furrer