Published by the Foundation for Open Access Statistics Editors-in-chief: Bettina Grün, Torsten Hothorn, Rebecca Killick, Edzer Pebesma, Achim Zeileis    ISSN 1548-7660; CODEN JSSOBK

Vol 87 (2018)

Table of Contents


Latent Class Probabilistic Latent Feature Analysis of Three-Way Three-Mode Binary Data PDF
Michel Meulders, Philippe De Bruecker
Semiparametric Regression Analysis via Infer.NET PDF
Jan Luts, Shen S. J. Wang, John T. Ormerod, Matt P. Wand
Simulated Data for Linear Regression with Structured and Sparse Penalties: Introducing pylearn-simulate PDF
Tommy Löfstedt, Vincent Guillemot, Vincent Frouin, Edouard Duchesnay, Fouad Hadj-Selem
Database-Inspired Optimizations for Statistical Analysis PDF
Hannes Mühleisen, Alexander Bertram, Maarten-Jan Kallen
SSpace: A Toolbox for State Space Modeling PDF
Marco A. Villegas, Diego J. Pedregal
MTPmle: A SAS Macro and Stata Programs for Marginalized Inference in Semi-Continuous Data PDF
Delia C. Voronca, Mulugeta Gebregziabher, Valerie Durkalski-Mauldin, Lei Liu, Leonard E. Egede
Flexible Self-Organizing Maps in kohonen 3.0 PDF
Ron Wehrens, Johannes Kruisselbrink
Nonparametric Relative Survival Analysis with the R Package relsurv PDF
Maja Pohar Perme, Klemen Pavlic
Visualizing Fit and Lack of Fit in Complex Regression Models with Predictor Effect Plots and Partial Residuals PDF
John Fox, Sanford Weisberg
rTensor: An R Package for Multidimensional Array (Tensor) Unfolding, Multiplication, and Decomposition PDF
James Li, Jacob Bien, Martin T. Wells
Seasonal Adjustment by X-13ARIMA-SEATS in R PDF
Christoph Sax, Dirk Eddelbuettel
extremefit: A Package for Extreme Quantiles PDF
Gilles Durrieu, Ion Grama, Kevin Jaunatre, Quang-Khoai Pham, Jean-Marie Tricot
gcKrig: An R Package for the Analysis of Geostatistical Count Data Using Gaussian Copulas PDF
Zifei Han, Victor De Oliveira

Code Snippets

merDeriv: Derivative Computations for Linear Mixed Effects Models with Application to Robust Standard Errors PDF
Ting Wang, Edgar C. Merkle
Rqc: A Bioconductor Package for Quality Control of High-Throughput Sequencing Data PDF
Wélliton de Souza, Benilton de Sá Carvalho, Iscia Lopes-Cendes
ggtern: Ternary Diagrams Using ggplot2 PDF
Nicholas E. Hamilton, Michael Ferry

Book Reviews

bookdown: Authoring Books and Technical Documents with R Markdown PDF
Pedro M. Valero Mora
Computational Methods for Numerical Analysis with R PDF
Abdolvahab Khademi