Published by the Foundation for Open Access Statistics Editors-in-chief: Bettina Grün, Torsten Hothorn, Edzer Pebesma, Achim Zeileis    ISSN 1548-7660; CODEN JSSOBK

Vol 89 (2019)

Table of Contents


Distance Sampling in R PDF
David L. Miller, Eric Rexstad, Len Thomas, Laura Marshall, Jeffrey L. Laake
BFDA: A MATLAB Toolbox for Bayesian Functional Data Analysis PDF
Jingjing Yang, Peng Ren
BDgraph: An R Package for Bayesian Structure Learning in Graphical Models PDF
Reza Mohammadi, Ernst C. Wit
Directional Statistics and Filtering Using libDirectional PDF
Gerhard Kurz, Igor Gilitschenski, Florian Pfaff, Lukas Drude, Uwe D. Hanebeck, Reinhold Haeb-Umbach, Roland Y. Siegwart
cgam: An R Package for the Constrained Generalized Additive Model PDF
Xiyue Liao, Mary C. Meyer
Wavelet-Based and Fourier-Based Multivariate Whittle Estimation: multiwave PDF
Sophie Achard, Irène Gannaz
OasisR: An R Package to Bring Some Order to the World of Segregation Measurement PDF
Mihai Tivadar
GPareto: An R Package for Gaussian-Process-Based Multi-Objective Optimization and Analysis PDF
Mickaël Binois, Victor Picheny