Blang: Bayesian Declarative Modeling of General Data Structures and Inference via Algorithms Based on Distribution Continua

Alexandre Bouchard-Côté, Kevin Chern, Davor Cubranic, Sahand Hosseini, Justin Hume, Matteo Lepur, Zihui Ouyang, Giorgio Sgarbi
Vol. 103, Issue 11

Robust Mediation Analysis: The R Package robmed

Andreas Alfons, Nüfer Y. Ateş, Patrick J. F. Groenen
Vol. 103, Issue 13

Bambi: A Simple Interface for Fitting Bayesian Linear Models in Python

Tomás Capretto, Camen Piho, Ravin Kumar, Jacob Westfall, Tal Yarkoni, Osvaldo A Martin
Vol. 103, Issue 15

Learning Base R (2nd Edition)

James E. Helmreich
Vol. 103, Book Review 1

Python and R for the Modern Data Scientist

Christopher J. Lortie
Vol. 103, Book Review 2