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SAVE: An R Package for the Statistical Analysis of Computer Models
Vol. 64, Issue 13, Apr 2015
Submitted 2013-06-27, Accepted 2014-07-29
Jesús Palomo, Rui Paulo, Gonzalo García-Donato
GPfit: An R Package for Fitting a Gaussian Process Model to Deterministic Simulator Outputs
Vol. 64, Issue 12, Apr 2015
Submitted 2012-10-24, Accepted 2014-07-29
Blake MacDonald, Pritam Ranjan, Hugh Chipman
BatchJobs and BatchExperiments: Abstraction Mechanisms for Using R in Batch Environments
Vol. 64, Issue 11, Mar 2015
Submitted 2012-05-30, Accepted 2014-08-04
Bernd Bischl, Michel Lang, Olaf Mersmann, Jörg Rahnenführer, Claus Weihs
gems: An R Package for Simulating from Disease Progression Models
Vol. 64, Issue 10, Mar 2015
Submitted 2013-02-20, Accepted 2014-07-24
Nello Blaser, Luisa Salazar Vizcaya, Janne Estill, Cindy Zahnd, Bindu Kalesan, Matthias Egger, Thomas Gsponer, Olivia Keiser
nparcomp: An R Software Package for Nonparametric Multiple Comparisons and Simultaneous Confi dence Intervals
Vol. 64, Issue 9, Mar 2015
Submitted 2012-11-08, Accepted 2014-06-10
Frank Konietschke, Marius Placzek, Frank Schaarschmidt, Ludwig A. Hothorn
R Package multgee: A Generalized Estimating Equations Solver for Multinomial Responses
Vol. 64, Issue 8, Mar 2015
Submitted 2013-06-08, Accepted 2014-07-24
Anestis Touloumis
PReMiuM: An R Package for Profile Regression Mixture Models Using Dirichlet Processes
Vol. 64, Issue 7, Mar 2015
Submitted 2013-04-09, Accepted 2014-07-15
Silvia Liverani, David I. Hastie, Lamiae Azizi, Michail Papathomas, Sylvia Richardson
SDD: An R Package for Serial Dependence Diagrams
Vol. 64, Code Snippet 2, Mar 2015
Submitted 2013-05-23, Accepted 2014-07-14
Luca Bagnato, Lucio De Capitani, Angelo Mazza, Antonio Punzo
Building a Nomogram for Survey-Weighted Cox Models Using R
Vol. 64, Code Snippet 1, Mar 2015
Submitted 2011-09-29, Accepted 2014-05-23
Marinela Capanu, Mithat Gönen
Pitfalls in the Implementation of Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling of Areal Count Data: An Illustration Using BYM and Leroux Models
Vol. 63, Code Snippet 1, Feb 2015
Submitted 2013-06-03, Accepted 2014-10-24
Florian Gerber, Reinhard Furrer
mdscore: An R Package to Compute Improved Score Tests in Generalized Linear Models
Vol. 61, Code Snippet 2, Oct 2014
Submitted 2011-12-16, Accepted 2014-06-02
Antonio Hermes M. da Silva-Júnior, Damião Nóbrega da Silva, Silvia L. P. Ferrari
Tutorial: Survival Estimation for Cox Regression Models with Time-Varying Coefficients Using SAS and R
Vol. 61, Code Snippet 1, Oct 2014
Submitted 2012-09-28, Accepted 2014-06-06
Laine Thomas, Eric M. Reyes
Nestedness for Dummies (NeD): A User-Friendly Web Interface for Exploratory Nestedness Analysis
Vol. 59, Code Snippet 3, Aug 2014
Submitted 2012-11-06, Accepted 2014-05-07
Giovanni Strona, Paolo Galli, Davide Seveso, Simone Montano, Simone Fattorini
runmixregls: A Program to Run the MIXREGLS Mixed-Effects Location Scale Software from within Stata
Vol. 59, Code Snippet 2, Aug 2014
Submitted 2013-07-13, Accepted 2014-04-23
George Leckie
Multilevel Modeling Using R
Vol. 62, Book Review 1, Jan 2015
Submitted 2015-01-10, Accepted 2015-01-10
Reviewed by Ulrike Grömping
Implementing Reproducible Research
Vol. 61, Book Review 2, Oct 2014
Submitted 2014-10-16, Accepted 2014-10-16
Reviewed by Brigid Wilson
XML and Web Technologies for Data Sciences with R
Vol. 61, Book Review 1, Oct 2014
Submitted 2014-10-19, Accepted 2014-10-16
Reviewed by Simon Munzert
Growth Curve Analysis and Visualization Using R
Vol. 58, Book Review 2, Jul 2014
Submitted 2014-06-26, Accepted 2014-06-26
Reviewed by Joshua F. Wiley
Analyzing Spatial Models of Choice and Judgment with R
Vol. 58, Book Review 1, Jul 2014
Submitted 2014-06-10, Accepted 2014-06-10
Reviewed by Gary Evans
Dynamic Documents with R and knitr
Vol. 56, Book Review 2, Jan 2014
Submitted 2014-01-09, Accepted 2014-01-09
Reviewed by Amelia McNamara
Handbook of SAS® DATA Step Programming
Vol. 56, Book Review 1, Jan 2014
Submitted 2014-01-06, Accepted 2014-01-06
Reviewed by Xiangxiang Meng, Wayne Thompson
Statistical Software (R, SAS, SPSS, and Minitab) for Blind Students and Practitioners
Vol. 58, Software Review 1, Jul 2014
Submitted 2014-06-19, Accepted 2014-06-19
Reviewed by A. Jonathan R. Godfrey, M. Theodor Loots
DataGraph 3.0
Vol. 47, Software Review 2, May 2012
Submitted 2012-05-31, Accepted 2012-05-31
Reviewed by Michael R. MacAskill
mathStatica 2.5
Vol. 47, Software Review 1, Apr 2012
Submitted 2012-04-02, Accepted 2012-04-02
Reviewed by Barrie Stokes
gret1 1.7.3
Vol. 25, Software Review 1, Mar 2008
Submitted 2008-03-26, Accepted 2008-03-31
Reviewed by Andreas Rosenblad
Stata 10 (Time Series and Forecasting)
Vol. 23, Software Review 1, Dec 2007
Submitted 2007-12-12, Accepted 2007-12-12
Reviewed by Robert Alan Yaffee
Scientific Workplace 5.5 and LyX 1.4.2
Vol. 17, Software Review 1, Oct 2006
Submitted 2006-10-27, Accepted 2006-10-27
Reviewed by Andreas Karlsson
Aabel 1.5.7
Vol. 11, Software Review 1, Jul 2004
Submitted 2004-07-20, Accepted 2004-07-20
Reviewed by Antony Unwin
Volume 63: Spatial Statistics
Volume 60: Optimization
Volume 49: Graphical User Interfaces for R
Volume 48: Psychoco: Psychometric Computing in R
Volume 45: Multiple Imputation
Volume 44: Magnetic Resonance Imaging in R
Volume 42: Political Methodology
Volume 41: Statistical Software for State Space Methods
Volume 38: Competing Risks and Multi-State Models
Volume 27: Econometrics in R

Established in 1996, the Journal of Statistical Software publishes articles, book reviews, code snippets, and software reviews on the subject of statistical software and algorithms.  The contents are freely available on-line.  For both articles and code snippets the source code is published along with the paper.

Statistical software is the key link between statistical methods and their application in practice.  Software that makes this link is the province of the journal, and may be realized as, for instance, tools for large scale computing, database technology, desktop computing, distributed systems, the World Wide Web, reproducible research, archiving and documentation, and embedded systems.

We attempt to present research that demonstrates the joint evolution of computational and statistical methods and techniques.  Implementations can use languages such as C, C++, S, Fortran, Java, PHP, Python and Ruby or environments such as Mathematica, MATLAB, R, S-PLUS, SAS, Stata, and XLISP-STAT.

There are currently 723 articles, 51 code snippets, 117 book reviews, 7 software reviews, and 16 special volumes in our archives.  These can be browsed or searched.  You can also subscribe for notification of new articles.

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Special Volume 63 Now Available
Special volume 63 on Software for Spatial Statistics, Editors: Edzer Pebesma, Roger Bivand and Paulo Justiano Ribeiro is now available.
Special Volume 60 Now Available
Special volume 60 on Optimization, Editor: Ravi Varadhan is now available.
Special Volume 49 Now Available
Special volume 49 on Graphical User Interfaces for R, Editors: Pedro M. Valero-Mora, Ruben Ledesma is now available.
Special Volume 48 Available
Special volume 48 on Psychoco: Psychometric Computing in R, Editors: Florian Wickelmaier, Carolin Strobl, Achim Zeileis is available.
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